Sunday, 10 May 2015

Changes to Sainsbury's Dorridge approved

CHANGES to Sainsbury’s Dorridge store including the relocation of a substation have been approved despite concerns from some neighbours.

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The store has won Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council for a series of changes.

These include the relocation of the substation within the service yard and a new hedge screen in front of it.

It will also narrow a footway on the south side of Forest Road from two metres to 1.8m.

There will also be new steps by the customer entrance “to provide an alternative walking up/down the slight gradient to/from the store entrance”.

A war memorial is planned to the steps.

The firm will also move trolley bays and changes white lines in the car park to “improve radii and flow of vehicles within the car park”.

But a plan to lower a proposed brick wall around the car park from two metres to 1.2m has been dropped.

A total 12 residents objected with concerns including what some said would be a lack of landscaping.

One said: “The building takes up every inch of its site and there is now no longer the space available to provide a bank onto which planting can be introduced.”

The plans will include "removal of service yard gates and replaced by an acoustic barrier" the council said.

In a report to members, a council planning officer said: “It is considered that these proposals secure a high quality public realm around the supermarket development and with time will mature to provide a seamless part of the streetscene.”

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  1. It is looking much more attractive now that the trees are coming into leaf. Will improve further I'm sure as the trees grow.

  2. Yes, the less you can see of it, the better it gets.


  3. You just can't help yourself can you Matthew! #luddite

  4. Oh 18:08! Let it go!
    We've got a lovely shiny new village centre which, by common consensus, has been an unmitigated success but, some it appears, just want to continue moaning about it.
    Move on.

  5. I didn't realise that our freedom of speech had been removed under the new government. I agree with Matthew above. Dorridge may look relatively smarter but it's not to everyone's liking. I think it is all too big, too ugly and totally unnecessary. That's my opinion, it may not be yours, but you should respect the opinions of others.
    And if you look a bit closer you will see that all around the building is dog muck and dead plants and lit up 24 hours a day. Which can't be great if you live close by. It's not so great unless you're whizzing past in a car! Go have a closer look.

  6. Dog muck?? Dead plants?? I go to the Costa ( which is full of local people) and to the store and seen none of this. I have to say 13.11 you are right to say you are entitled to your opinion but when these sorts of statements are made you loose any credibility. I live nearby by the way!

  7. Try walking down forest rd unless someone has got it all up or it has washed away with the rain there were countless piles of muck and many of the small plants are dead or disintegrated and looks like one of the trees by costa too

  8. Love the implication that the dog muck the store's fault?
    I'm tired of the same people moaning about the village when it has clearly been a success and SO much better than before.

  9. Isn't that the point this is your view but it isn't everyone's. A lot of people think it's too big etc and I'm sure no one thinks sainsburys is to blame for the dog mess but I agree there are a lot of dead plants which the store should deal with. They are probably dead because dog owners let their Dogs per on them and because other than pee they weren't watered for months.

  10. How has this thread changed a discussion about dog muck?
    But my thoughts are, the dog owners should clean up after their own pets, take a pooper scooper out with you.

  11. The suggestion that the Costa is "full" of anyone is wide of the mark. I've never seen more than a handful of people in there. Ditto the Sainsbury's cafe.. tumbleweed.

    The shop units next to Costa remain empty. The cafe unit is un-let. The shops feel disconnected from the village centre - or perhaps there isn't the demand in a village like Dorridge for something that's been planned like an out-of-town retail park.

    While I'm on, if anyone is looking for a local cafe with a better view than the Cross & Craig car park, do try Cafe Viola in Knowle - they do a great Turkish breakfast.


  12. I agree with you that the store is quite quiet. Tesco Monkspath is quieter too. Only so many shoppers to go round. Monkspath used to be a nightmare though - too busy. I also agree that the independent units have not been a good idea. There are empty units everywhere - high street demise and internet shopping etc. If you are being fair there was a lot of pressure on Sainsbury's to provide independent units as part of the development - not really sure why. I have to disagree on the Costa though. I go there quite frequently and it really does have trade all day - early morning commuters getting take-away coffees. Mums after the school drop off - people like me in the later morning/afternoon meeting up with friend, kids after school and people working using the wifi throughout day. It isn't mobbed all day which is a good thing in the same way little Tesco up in Knowle (I live in Knowle so use that one) is still busy but not crazy busy like it used to be. I hope Cafe Viola can sustain - good to have a range of places to go.

  13. Its a shame the smaller shops are empty.

    Apparently there is a covenant thing preventing more eateries opening there which seems daft to me.
    It strikes me a pizza place could to very well.

    No doubt the rents are also too high to make it attractive enough.

  14. Well there's a pizza bar about to open in knowle you could walk up there. Knowle locals are worried about noise mess and disturbance though so don't forget that many more people surround dorridge centre than knowle centre in terms of very close proximity. Late night eateries might be good for you but not residents.