Sunday, 31 May 2015

Midnight closing plan for new bar

AN application has been made to sell alcohol as late as midnight from a planned new bar in Station Road, Knowle.

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Famous Websites Ltd has applied to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to have live and recorded music, late night refreshment and alcohol sales at the bar.

The council has already given permission for the former Knowle auctioneer’s showroom to be used as a bar.

This will include a new mezzanine level, new patio doors, pizza ovens and timber staircase.

The new premises application, for “The Octagon”, would be for 7am to 11pm Monday to Thursday, Friday 7am to midnight, Saturday 8am to midnight and Sunday 8am to 11pm.

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  1. Two words: Parking and noise.

  2. Residents are going to love it!

  3. This will be another one of those bad council approvals, without consulting the local residents on they actually want.
    If this gets approved, then I'm afraid the owners will push for an even later closing until all you get is problems in Knowle. Sick in streets, smashed windows, there is a reason why people move and live in Knowle, its because its relatively peaceful without rowdiness at night.

  4. I live in knowle, i think we have enough bars already, its just going to cause more problems

  5. if you don't want the council to make a bad approval and you live in the area of the unit just email your concerns to: stating the reference PREM803/15. if you don't and it gets passed you can't moan then.

  6. @12:18 - You make a very valid point, and although we would need a slightly email address and reference, this could be done for any planning application for the area.

  7. Most bars in Knowle close at midnight or later at weekends. What is the big deal?

  8. Applicants apply for more time than they want as temporary licences are a pain to deal with.

    Council have very little choice as to whether to approve.

    Destristrictions on licensing have been around for ages now, and unless you can show actual evidence of a problem, rather than speculation, the council are obliged to grant the licence. However, they can take licences away very quickly if there is a problem or force variations. So you can email the council till you are blue in the face, they'll still be legally obliged to grant the licence.

    Given that you already have late night opening with drinking (what time has the Allora stayed open to for the last 20 odd years) it seems silly to think that this place will make any difference.

  9. I don't see what the issue is with it having a midnight close. Most bars in Knowle Close at Midnight, and even later if there is a function on at the British Legion, and I don't hear people moaning about that, and that is directly next door to residential properties! Knowle is crying out for a 'decent' bar, so lets give this a chance.

  10. I don't see many people moaning about the fact KNOWLE & Dorridge Raquets Club has applied to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to host live and recorded music as late as 1am.

  11. To above - maybe people aren't moaning about the sports club because there actually isn't a problem with it - is that a possibility? They've had events there for years !