Tuesday, 12 July 2011

More than 250 Knowle drivers fined

MORE than 270 drivers were slapped with parking tickets in Knowle car parks last year – but none were issued in Dorridge.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council dished out 279 tickets in 2010/11 in its car parks.

Yet no penalty charge notices were issued at Forest Court car park, where only three businesses remain after a spate of closures.

The council could not break down tickets by car parks, by Knowle Church and St John’s Close.

And while 224 tickets were given out at Malvern Park car park, off Malvern Park Avanue, some 14 were given for the lower Brueton Park car park.

The most tickets, 545 and 536, were given at Council House and Monkspath Hall Road.

The others were:

Church Hill car park 418
Dominion Court car park 268
Tudor Grange Leisure Centre car park 57
Tudor Grange Park car park 6

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