Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Scrap metal complaints increasing

SOLIHULL police have said complaints about scrap metal merchants are being made with “increasing regularity”.

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Sergeant Liam Dalton said West Midlands Police “will be continuing to crackdown on those who blatantly ignore the law and regulations”.

It comes after two were warned about using amplified loudhailers in Castle Bromwich.

The vans have been a regular sight in Knowle, Dorridge and Solihull, though recent visits in Knowle have involved the trader shouting rather than using a recording.

Advertising from a loudhailer is illegal under the Pollution Control Act, police have said, apart from ice creams, which sell perishables.

But it said the issue is ‘less clear’ when a handheld bugle is used instead of a recording, though ‘excessive’ use may breach the Environmental Protection Act.

Sgt Dalton said: "The sound of scrap metal vans trumpeting their arrival in residential parts of Solihull by blowing bugles is a nuisance being reported with increasing regularity.”

In June, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council prosecuted two dealers for using an amplified loudhailer in Solihull.

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