Friday, 7 October 2011

Two new parking sites for Waitrose plan

EXTRA parking spaces will be created by extending a car park outside of Knowle village centre and building on grass verges under a new Waitrose plan.


Above: the view from The Red Lion car park.

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Detailed plans published this week for the store show the two sites would create an extra 38 spaces.

This would include 25 next to the 22-space Lodge Croft car park, off Lodge Road, near the junction with Station Road (see map here).

The land is currently occupied by garages, shrubs and trees and is owned by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

Kimberley Developments has also applied to create 15 parking spaces on the verge where Lodge Road leads into St John’s Close.

A further eight would be provided on St John’s Close, after the right turn before the turn off for Tesco (see drawing here).

Ten vehicles can currently park on the road.

The application says: “The on-street parking currently restricts the carriageway to a single lane which creates congestion and in some cases has meant that cars have been
driven over the edge of the green destroying the grass surface.”

The store plan would put a supermarket on a former bowling green by The Red Lion car park and move the five nearest bungalows on St John’s Close.

This would make way for 184 parking spaces in the St John’s Close area from 128 at present.


The plan also pledges an “extended more prominent entrance” to the village hall, which it last year proposed to demolish for the store.

The bungalows would be re-provided between the Royal Mail depot and sheltered housing in St John’s Close.

New pedestrian crossings would be placed in Station Road near the store and St John’s Close.

The store would have a 1,161sqm sales area. This compares to 1,812sqm proposed for a Sainsbury’s in Dorridge and 557sqm at Tesco Knowle.

To view a high resolution drawing of the plan click here (PDF, 16MB).

A transport assessment says the store would mean a maximum extra 50 car journeys in the area each hour.

It says: “A new foodstore generates negligible true ‘new’ trips.

“In general, most, if not all, the trips made to a new foodstore are already being made to existing stores.”

To view the applications click here and enter 2011 and enter 1555, 1556 or 1557 in the two boxes. The council will have the final say on the plan, expected in January.

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