Monday, 4 July 2011

No public meeting on Waitrose

THE Knowle Society will not hold another public meeting on controversial plans for a new Waitrose store.

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The group held a meeting at Arden school in March last year to canvass views on a previous plan. It later opposed the scheme to council planners.

But it is only seeking views online about a revised proposal.

It comes as a poll on The Silhillian found 53 per cent, 47 votes, opposed the plan, while 43 per cent, 38, support it. Three per cent, three voters, were not sure.

Kimberley Developments has scrapped plans to knock down the village hall, in St John’s Close, for a smaller store on an un-used bowling green by The Red Lion car park.

The original plan proposed a new village hall on the bowling green. Waitrose says the existing hall would now be refurbished.

Five bungalows nearest the village hall would be demolished to make way for 257 car parking spaces compared to 180 proposed before.

The five neighbouring bungalows, closer to Station Road, would be kept instead of being re-located as originally proposed.

Five would be rebuilt by the Royal Mail sorting office, a move that would knock down the old police house.

Deliveries would come via the Warwick Road via the entrance to the side of the former Wine Rack, instead of High Street and St John’s Close by Greedy Guts as first proposed.

The overall size of the store would be 19,900sqft compared to 26,250sqft before, a reduction of 24 per cent.

The sales area would be reduced from 15,000sqft to 12,500sqft, a reduction of ten per cent.

One comment on the society’s website, from John Hart, says: Despite the assurances that deliveries to the store will come from the south, the turn of their lorries from Station Road to the store is too close to the junction with the Warwick Road and the bus shelter access.

“Current traffic in this area is heavy at times and the existing parking spaces are inadequate.

“Better utilisation of the parking areas is promised but with the increased numbers (visitors and staff) there will continue to be considerable congestion.

“It must not be assumed that the parking in Knowle is only for the benefit of shoppers.

“Weddings at the church, daytime events at the village hall are only some of the events that bring in other users.

“I like Waitrose shops, but Knowle is already well served with supermarkets and shopping facilities. For the above reasons, I am against Kimberley’s project.”

Debate has also raged on The Silhillian here and here.

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  1. It's a nice upmarket store, and small enough not to particularly damage other business, in particular because Waitrose is expensive, and won't undercut other stores along the lines of say a Tesco. Given the job creation it will bring, both in construction and once operational, this is good news. No idea why anybody would object to be honest.

  2. The place that will suffer most is probably the small Tesco, which is totally inadequate for such a big 'village' as Knowle. Waitrose is ideal. I live in Knowle and can't wait. It will put an end to the car journeys to the giant Monkspath Tesco, that I don't particularly like.

  3. People have been stating very clearly why they would object; the increased traffic, noise, pollution, cluttered streets and car parks; the fact that there are too many supermarkets within close call already; the likely adverse effect on various small businesses; the change in character and de-beautifying of the village... and why would we want an expensive store in these days of austerity?

  4. If it is true that Tesco are expanding into the building now occupied by the sorting office,this is another reason why we don't need another supermarket;that and the fact that a new large Sainsbury at Dorridge would also take a lot of strain from Tesco.We should certainly not be attracting people from all across the area to come to Knowle when it is getting more overcrowded all the time and the traffic problem seems to have grown ij recent months.

  5. Again - show me any evidence of Tesco going into the sorting office? I'm beginning to think it's a rumour started to try and detract from the other plans going in at the moment.

  6. To the above comment, EXACTLY! Its just rumours.